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A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions


We focus on the five different types of experiences for the customer and create unique concepts around: sensory experiences, affective experiences, creative cognitive experiences, physical experiences, behaviour & lifestyles. We use different tools to implement these experiences such as social media & direct communication, marketing campaigns, product presence activation to achieve objectives. We aim to provide a unique, innovative and mind-blowing EXPERIENCE. 


Our Services include:

  • Concept Creation: Stuck for creativity, call in our team to transform the brief into what your brand or your client really wants.  Understand the audience and what’s achievable but always go beyond expectations.  Just the creative or the whole logistics roll out, we have the experience of what works! Now that’s really thinking out of the box!
  • Marketing Strategy & Campaigns: Any creative idea needs a plan! Ensure deliverance of your targets through big or small marketing campaigns – have you got a plan?  We can take your Marketing budget analyse it, save you costs, and give you more – try it!
  • Unique Launches& Sport Sponsorship Activations: Creative solutions that create impact and meaningfully connect with your target audience. You need more than just branding! Your audience wants to feel included, important  and entertained, they have high expectations.  Let us deliver the right stuff not just any stuff!

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